Colonial Stock Transfer Company Offers Private Company Transfer Agent Services for 30 Years

Salt Lake City, Utah, September 6, 2016:

Colonial Stock Transfer is pleased to announce that they have successfully offered private company transfer agent services for 30 years. The number of privately-held companies needing assistance with stock transfers is rapidly increasing, which is why Colonial continues to provide leading technology and service tailored for private companies participating in Reg A+, Reg CF and Reg D offerings.

Private companies can expect many benefits when they use Colonial Stock Transfer Company for their transfer agent services. These advantages include a cost-effective method of transferring stocks, quality customer service to investors, legal expertise, and electronic certificates. Utilizing a professional transfer agent ensures that your company will be compliant with state and federal securities regulations, while creating a path to become public in the future.

Shareholder recordkeeping and other aspects of stock transfers can be complicated for those who aren?t experienced in it. Working with the experts at Colonial Stock Transfer Company takes the stress off a company?s employees and allows them to keep accurate records with a higher chance of a successful outcome. This also protects stockholders to ensure an inexperienced individual isn?t handling this important aspect.

Anyone interested in learning about these private company transfer agent services can find out more by visiting the Colonial Stock Transfer Company website or by calling 1-877-285-8605.


Colonial Stock Transfer Company is a stock transfer agent that helps companies manage their stock, including derivatives such as warrants and stock options. They also offer crowdfunding services to help entrepreneurs and startups get the funding they need. For 30 years, they have provided excellent service to their clients.

Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc.