General Information for EDGAR Filing

Colonial has been registered as an SEC filing agent since 2005. Filing EDGAR and XBRL documents to the SEC is our specialty. Learn more about EDGAR filing turnaround times, hours of operations, fees and other general informatoin regarding SEC filings.

Turnaround Times

You can expect to receive an immediate response to any requests sent to Our average turnaround time for the first proof is one to three hours for larger documents. Smaller documents such as Section 16 and some 8-K filings can take no more than thirty minutes to an hour.

Filing Process

Here is a sample filing process for your EDGAR filing:

  1. 1. Send us an email with your document attached to
  2. 2. We will send a PDF or HTML proof for your review.
  3. 3. Send us any revisions via fax, email or phone. We will send a new proof.
  4. 4. After all changes have been approved, send us an email approving the filing to the SEC.
  5. 5. We will send the filing confirmation.

Document Formatting Guidelines

Please send your documents in any of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word (preferably)
  • Excel (preferably)
  • Rich Text Format (preferably)
  • Text Pad (not recommended unless filing in ASCII)
  • PDF (not recommended unless filing as images)

Formatting your documents into clean, convertible formats may be difficult. We will do our best to provide the most professional image as possible, correcting formatting issues where needed. Learn how to prepare your documents so that your original source formatting will be maintained in the final EDGAR version. Learn More

Transparent Fees

We do not have hidden charges, everything that we charge is stated on your invoice which comes directly from our price list. Compare us with other companies and you will find that our rates are basic and very reasonable. We put time and effort into providing our clients with the best quality possible, adding more than the average filing agent for no extra charge.

Sample Filing

You can view a sample EDGAR filing by clicking the following link: Sample 10-Q Filing.