Filing Crowdfunding Forms

Under the proposed rules of the Crowdfunding Regulations, the SEC is requiring issuers to file specific form disclosures through EDGAR. These disclosures will range from details about price offerings to annual reports. The SEC will be implementing 3 forms that issuers will be required to file, along with the Form ID (if necessary).

Form C: Offering Statement

Issuers conducting crowdfunding transactions must file specific disclosures on Form C: Offering Statement to the SEC. This form will be the primary filing made to the SEC for the offering. Amendments to Form C would be required to disclose any material changes in the offer terms or disclosures previously made to investors. The SEC will require issuers to use an XML-based fillable form, which will allow the SEC to better monitor each offering.

Form C-U: Progress Update

Issuers are required to file regular updates to the SEC no later than five business days after each of the dates an issuer reaches 50% and 100% of the target offering amount. The filing will be made under cover of Form C-U: Progress Update and should indicate the progress of meeting the target offering amount. Issuers will be exempt from filing if the crowdfunding portal provides regular public updates on behalf of the issuer.

Form C-AR: Annual Report

Issuers must annually file an annual report on Form C-AR: Annual Report. This form requires disclosure that is similar to the disclosure in Form C: Offering Statement without the offering-specific disclosure. Additionally, Form C-AR would require issuers to file and provide to investors information regarding the issuer?s financial condition on at least an annual basis. Form C-AR must be completed no later than 120 days after the end of each fiscal year covered by the report.

Form C-TR: Termination of Reporting

Issuers who terminate their annual reporting obligation would be required to file a notice under cover of Form C-TR: Termination of Reporting which would notify investors and the Commission that it will no longer file and provide annuals reports pursuant to the requirements of Regulation Crowdfunding. The Form C-TR would be similar to the Form 15 that issuers file to?provide notice of termination of the registration of securities under Exchange Act Section 12(g) or to provide notice of the suspension of the duty to file reports required by the SEC.

Form ID

Before submitting EDGAR formatted documents, the filer must register with the SEC through a Form ID application. To register you must submit an electronic version of the Form ID as outlined on our Form ID page.

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