The Colonial Advantage

In an increasingly complex business world, having a reliable issuer services provider is crucial for creating and maintaining a successful public company and positive relationship with its shareholders. Colonial Stock Transfer can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that a reputable and professional transfer agent is managing your stock, while providing cost-effective and technology-driven services. Our services span internet, telephone and paper channels that are designed for transparency to the end investor — from initial client inquiry to fully customizable outputs. Our issuer services include:

  • Transfer agency and registrar
  • SEC EDGAR and XBRL filings
  • Proxy & annual meeting management
  • DTC eligibility applications
  • Employee plan administration and software
  • Press release distribution
  • Blue sky filing and compliance
  • Issuer consultation services

Client Benefits

First Class Personalized Service

Whether it is a stock transfer, proxy, inquiry or something else, Colonial provides personalized and professional customer service for you and your shareholders every time. There is no need to wait tirelessly for a response. Our live representatives provide support on an individual basis with immediate and direct responses via telephone and email. Further, we are always improving our processes and systems by listening to the feedback of our clients through surveys, online feedback, and random customer service sampling.

Cost Saving Efficiencies

Since Colonial is not burdened with significant legacy costs and overhead, we are able to deliver cost saving efficiencies to both you and your shareholders. Our commitment to technology, paper elimination efforts, flexible pricing plans, and issuer education on reducing costs will leave you assured that you are receiving all of the possible cost saving benefits and more.

Increased Networking Opportunities

In addition to working in the transfer agent business, members of our team have worked in the brokerage, market making, and investment banking industries. You can benefit from our increased industry insight and networking opportunities with hundreds of industry contacts: attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, lenders, and brokers.

Innovative Technology

With the ability to access your account online, you can view shareholder reports in real-time with the option to sort, search, export, and update data. Additionally, you can perform shareholder address updates, issuance requests, and manage your proxy campaign from start to finish. Shareholders, who sign up for internet account access, are able to view holdings and make updates to their account.

Fast Turnaround Times

For several years, the SEC and other regulators have required routine stock transfers to be processed within three business days. At Colonial, we went a step further by creating a one business day turnaround policy to ensure that our customers? investments weren?t negatively affected by the processing timelines allotted by the SEC. It is our goal and commitment to provide immediate turnaround on all requests, whether it is a stock transfer, issuance, or something else.

One Business Day Setup

We are able to transition and setup your company in a timely manner so that you don?t see any interruptions in your securities processing or trading. Our experts will import your shareholder data into our systems within one business day of receipt and guide you through each step of the setup process.

Contact a sales representative to obtain a quote or learn more about our issuer services at 877-285-8605.