Account Questions

How do I contact Colonial Stock Transfer's EDGAR Department?
Please view the contact us page.
What is your average turnaround time for proofs?
Our filing turnaround times are based on the size of the documents, ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. Contact us for an exact estimate.
Are you available for filing outside of regularly scheduled operating hours?
Yes, our team is available for filing after-hours by scheduled request. Simply email edgar@colonialstock.com to schedule your after-hours filing.
Where should I send EDGAR documents for processing?
Please send all documents to edgar@colonialstock.com and our team will reply immediately confirming receipt.
Do you offer package pricing?
Yes, we provide annual contracts for both EDGAR and XBRL services. For further information regarding our packages, contact us.

SEC Filing Questions

What is EDGAR?
Since 1996, all SEC reporting entities have been required to submit routine filings to the SEC in compliant ASCII or HTML EDGAR formats. Please visit our EDGAR filing page.
How do I become an EDGAR filer?
To become an EDGAR filer, you must register with the SEC by submitting a Form ID. To learn more or to have Colonial submit a Form ID for your company, please visit our Form ID page.
Can I file to the SEC on my own?
By obtaining the latest version of the EDGAR Filing Manual from the SEC website, you can learn how to file to the SEC. The EDGAR Filing Manual is contained in three volumes and includes information regarding EDGAR submissions.
What if we want to change our filing codes?
Colonial can change your existing codes for free. Contact us to learn more.
How long does it take to receive filing codes after submitting a Form ID?
Generally, the SEC provides acceptance of a Form ID within 1-2 business days. In most cases, we can rush the SEC turnaround process at no additional charge.
How do I update company profile on the EDGAR system?

Using the EDGAR filing website, Colonial can update your EDGAR codes for free. Codes that can be updated include:

  • filer's name, address, phone
  • company's IRS number
  • company's state of incorporation
  • company's fiscal year end
  • Billing contact's name, address, phone
  • EDGAR contact's name, address, phone, email

Name changes must be approved by the SEC and will not show up on the SEC's site until the next filing.

Where can I find SEC forms and templates?
Visit our SEC forms page for more information. The Index to Forms provides a full list of EDGAR forms, including descriptions. To download an individual form, visit the SEC forms and templates page on the SEC's website.
What is the maximum size an EDGAR filing can be?
The maximum size for an EDGAR submission may be 100MB.
What is the maximum number of documents an EDGAR submission can contain?

The EDGAR filer manual indicates that an EDGAR submission may contain up to 612 documents. Here is a list of the different document types:

  • 1 submission document
  • 100 correspondence documents
  • 10 cover documents
  • 500 exhibits
  • 1 EU-1 NASAA document

If you know what the record is for most documents filed in a single submission, we will provide a free filing for you of up to 10 pages.

When is the SEC closed for filing?
Please see our SEC Calendar & Holidays page.
How is an amended document submitted?
An amendment filing is used when a previously filed document must be re-filed to reflect changes to material information. An amendment generally includes an explanatory note, which indicates the reason for the filing. Amendments can be submitted as new filings or by re-using the last filing. If Colonial re-uses the last filing, the filer will not be charged for pages that were not changed.
What is redlining of an amendment?

The SEC EDGAR system makes available the option of redlining amended text in the EDGAR submission. The highlighted text will be bolded in a magenta color in order to differentiate it from data that was not changed.

Special <R> tags that are only viewable to the SEC and not to the public are used to redline changes. Colonial can generate two proofs: one for each the redline and clean versions. Typically, redlines should only be included on registrations statement amendments and as directed by the SEC.

Will I be able to see redlined areas of the filing?
Before filing we will send you two separate proofs via e-mail, one with redlining if requested, and one without, for your review. These proofs will be in PDF format, and will show what the SEC reviewer will see. You will be able to determine exactly what areas of the document will be highlighted in bold magenta color.
Where can I find the 8-K filing item types and descriptions?
Instructions and a list of 8-K filing item types and descriptions can be found on the SEC's website.
How do I update the SIC code on the EDGAR database?
A company's SIC code can be updated on the SEC's EDGAR website by calling into the SEC's legal division at 202-942-8900.
Does the SEC require payment of fees on certain forms?
The SEC requires issuers to pay filing fees on certain forms such as registration statements, mergers, and going private transactions. You can learn more about EDGAR Filing fees and how they are calculated on the SEC website or the EDGAR filer login.
How do I pay filing fees to the SEC?
Each filer is provided a bank account at the time of registering with the SEC. Filers can pay money into that account for certain form filing fees using the Fedwire system. To learn how to submit a payment, view the Fedwire instructions on the SEC's website.
How do I know what my filing fee balance is with the SEC?
Issuers can retrieve their SEC filing balance information on the EDGAR filer login.
Can I request a refund of SEC filing fees from the SEC?
Filers can petition for an EDGAR fee refund on the SEC website. However, any unused filing fees held in an account without activity for 180 days will be automatically refunded.