OTCQX Listing Requirements

The OTCQX, branded as the 'OTCQX, The Best Market,' has the most stringent listing standards of the three OTC Markets but has the best reputation and best companies.

The key benefits of getting onto the OTCQX include efficiency, cost-effective solution to NASDAQ and NYSE, reputation of high financial standards and compliance, visibility to large network of data distrbibutors and media partners to provide data to broker-dealers and investors, and better trading experience through broker or financial advisor with real-time quotes and transparent pricing.

The OTCQX listing requirements necessitates that a company meets the following:

  • A transfer agent that participates in the Transfer Agent Verified Shares Program such as Colonial Stock Transfer.
  • Comply with SEC Reporting (Exchange Act reporting standard or Regulation A), International Reporting, Bank Reporting, or OTC Alternative Reporting Guidelines as found here.
  • Audited financial statements
  • Obtain Market Maker
  • Have a minimum bid price of $0.25 per share and $10 million market capitalization on each day for the first 30 consecutive calendar days preceding Application Day. (exemptions for companies submitting Form 211 applications)
  • Have on-going operations and not be a shell company.
  • Meet the shareholder number requirements
  • For International Reporting, comply with OTCQX Rules
  • Corporate Governance requirements
  • Conduct annual shareholder meetings and make reports available 15 days prior to the meetings. See Colonial Stock Transfer's annual shareholder meeting services.
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Listing Fees

The application and annual fees for the OTCQX are listed below:

Application Fees


Application Fee


Annual Fee


How to Apply

We can help guide you through the process on making your OTCQX listing including:

  • Helping you and advising you on how to meet requirements
  • Introduction to OTCQX sponsor, market maker, securities counsel and others as required.
  • Walking you through the application process and answering questions about how to get approved.
  • General public company consulting

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