CUSIP Applications

Securities traded in the stock market are classified by a unique identification number, known as a CUSIP number. The term CUSIP is an acronym for Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures. CUSIP numbers can be assigned to different classes of stocks, bonds, or other securities that are registered in the U.S. or Canada.

Each CUSIP number consists of nine alphanumeric characters. These alphanumeric characters of a CUSIP classify an entity in 3 different ways as shown below:

Issuer (123456)

Financial Instrument (78)

Character Verification (9)

The first six characters of a CUSIP determines an entity by the following:

  • Corporation
  • Municipality
  • Government Entity

The succeeding characters of a CUSIP determines the financial instrument of the entity as follows:

  • Equity
  • Debt

The last character of a CUSIP acts as a verification method for the preceding 8 characters of the CUSIP.

All character verifications should result in one character.

Obtaining a CUSIP

Companies who wish to trade their securities in the stock market must obtain a CUSIP number by submitting an application to CUSIP Global Services. One of the following documents related to the corporate action must be submitted with the application:

  • Board Resolution
  • Prospectus
  • Certificate of Amendment
  • Court Order
  • Plan of Merger or Reorganization
  • Registration Statement
  • Proxy Statement

Companies may need to modify or obtain a new CUSIP when one of the following occurs:

  • Name change
  • Stock split
  • Spin-off of an existing subsidiary
  • New class of securities is offered

Colonial can obtain a CUSIP number for your company within 1-3 business days. Contact us to learn more.