OTC Transfer Agent Services

Since its beginning in 1987, Colonial Stock Transfer has been a leading OTC stock transfer agency in good standing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In order to build and maintain a great connection with shareholders, companies should employ a reliable transfer agent that specializes in OTC securities. With the rising pressures on business executives to comply with ever-tighter rules, it's critical that your transfer agent be aware and capable of reducing those burdens for your OTC securities.

OTC companies have their stocks traded through a dealer network like OTC Market Group, which offers electronic quotations and less stringent listing criteria than a national exchange. Such companies are trading on OTC for various reasons. Despite this, OTC securities are extensively regulated by the SEC and FINRA, therefore these companies must ensure that regulatory disclosures and securities transactions are processed according to SEC rules.

The following are some of the transfer agent services we provide:

  • SEC Shareholder record maintenance
  • Online cap table management
  • Issuances and stock transfers
  • OTC Verified Shares Program
  • Broker and investor support
  • Shareholder proxy meetings
  • Consultating and guidance
  • DTC eligibility
  • Shareholder communications
  • Investor relations websites

To run a successful OTC company, you'll need to choose an experienced transfer agency like Colonial Stock Transfer. Here are some of the benefits of hiring Colonial as your transfer agent:

The following are some of the transfer agent services we provide:

  • Professional Transfer Agency: We've been a professional transfer agent for almost 30 years, and we've always been in good standing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our goal is to offer excellent service combined with cutting-edge technology and great service to assist your company in better managing its investors. We give your shareholders peace of mind by ensuring that their stock is managed by an independent transfer agent.
  • OTC Verified Shares Program: we are a participant in the Transfer Agent Verified Shares Program and can help ensure that investors have access to reliable share data. Accurate share information allows companies to build credibility with investors.
  • Help with listings: we provide application and consulting help for NASDAQ and NYSE listings, as well as TA certifications. We can link you with a market maker to file your 15c211 paperwork for OTC listings.
  • FINRA: expert knowledge with FINRA corporate action services exclusively for OTC companies. /li>
  • DTC eligibility: we can assist you in obtaining DTC eligibility as well as DRS/FAST/DWAC status.
  • Account Manager: we guarantee efficient and high-quality service, as well as prompt phone and email answers. We also assign you a personal account manager.
  • 24/7 Online Access: we provide 24/7 online access to interactive reports for your cap table management needs, shareholder meetings, dividends, employee plans, and more.

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