Crowdfunding Transfer Agent Services

Crowdfunding describes the practice of raising funds for a small venture or startup by collaborating with entrepreneurs and investors through the use of crowdfunding websites. In the event of securities based crowdfunding, startup businesses seeking equity crowdfunding from investors allow for returns in investment income or additional dividends. In order to stay compliant with SEC regulations, it is essential to have a crowdfunding transfer agent to assist with raising capital through crowdfunding.

At Colonial Stock Transfer, we provide crowdfunding transfer agent services for Reg CF, Reg A+, 506C offerings through the use of an innovative medium that lets crowdfunding issuers take advantage of cost savings for the management of securities-based crowdfunding transactions. As an SEC registered transfer agent and cap table tracking services provider, we can help you with the following:

  • Manage cap table tracking and reporting
  • Issue stock for founder shares, new raises and as needed on on-going basis
  • Perform ownership transfers for existing shareholders
  • Provide investor support including investor login to view holdings and more
  • Provide expert guidance through the complex process of Reg CF, Reg A+, or 506C and coordinate with your funding portal
  • Maintain regulatory compliance with IRS cost basis reporting rules, OFAC, SEC rules and UCC transfer law.

Benefits you receive from using Colonial Stock Transfer for your company?s crowdfunding services:

  • 24/7 online access to cap table and investor data with the ability to manage your account by issuing shares, setup proxy voting campaigns, employee plan management and more.
  • Peace of mind knowing that an independent, professional, and knowledgeable transfer agent with 30+ years of experience is helping you
  • SEC safe harbor exemptions for Reg CF crowdfunding campaigns, only available through an SEC registered transfer agent, like Colonial Stock Transfer
  • Save costs on startup and low monthly service fees.
  • Go public by submitting a stock exchange applicatioon to NASDAQ, NYSE, or OTC listing and DTC eligibility application
  • Introductions to the right people including market makers, investment bankers, attorneys, brokers from our vast securities industry network
  • Personalized customer service to your shareholders with timely and professional responses
  • Designated account manager that understands your needs and can be part of your team
  • Book-entry electronic positions instead of physical stock certificates
  • Submit your Reg CF offering and subsequent SEC filings through our SEC registered EDGAR filing agent, Colonial Filings

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