EDGAR Formatting Guidelines

When converting a document into EDGAR HTML from Microsoft Word, the document cannot be perfectly matched to the source document. HTML spreads margins out, whereas Word and PDF documents contract the margins in. Because of this, there will be some minor differences in layout which may contribute to slower conversion times. Below are formatting guidelines to ensure a faster and more efficient conversion:

  • Use Microsoft Word when creating your document.
  • Use at least 1" margins on all sides of the document.
  • Avoid using a return at the end of sentences, allow the Word processor to wrap the text.
  • Use formatting tools such as center and left aligning text. Do not use spacing or tabs to center text.
  • For paragraph indentations, only use the tab or indent function. Do not use spacing.
  • Be consistent throughout the document with page numbering and headers/footers.
  • Avoid font changes. If you are bringing information from multiple sources into one document, make sure the font is formatted consistently.
  • Create tables using the table function, do not use spaces, returns, or tabs to separate cells.
  • When importing tables from Excel, use the "Paste Special" function to paste as a "Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object". This will allow the tables to maintain special formatting.
  • Try not to merge, delete or split cells when possible.

Your document should be formatted in a final format before sending to your EDGAR filing provider for conversion. Expect the EDGAR agent to simply maintain formatting that you have created, and not to make significant changes. Once a template is created, it can be re-used for future periods.

Your Colonial account representative can help format your form template for future filings at no charge.