Colonial Stock Transfer Company Now Offers Crowdfunding Equity Services

Salt Lake City, Utah, September 1, 2016:

Colonial Stock Transfer Company is pleased to announce they now offer crowdfunding transfer agent services to help their clients with equity-based crowdfunding. Many startup companies struggle raising capital, and equity based crowdfunding provides a viable solution.

Unlike donation-based crowdfunding, equity-based crowdfunding is regulated by the SEC. While this may present a challenge for small companies unfamiliar with SEC regulations, Colonial Stock Transfer offers a solution, through its affordable SEC registered transfer agent services. Crowdfunding transfer agent services help companies raise capital and perform the necessary function of distributing shares to investors while maintaining SEC compliance, preventing legal issues in the future.

The crowdfunding transfer agent services available through Colonial Stock Transfer Company provide a number of benefits to entrepreneurs and small businesses that utilize them. The advantages include a cost-efficient system, a professional transfer agent, electronic stock certificates, safe harbor protections and much more. They use the most innovative platform available to give their clients professional customer service so they know someone is always there to help whenever they have questions or concerns.

Anyone interested in learning about equity-based crowdfunding services can find out more by visiting the Colonial Stock Transfer Company website or by calling 1-877-285-8605.


Colonial Stock Transfer Company is a stock transfer agent that helps companies manage their stock, including derivatives such as warrants and stock options. They also offer crowdfunding services to help entrepreneurs and startups get the funding they need. For 30 years, they have provided excellent service to their clients.

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