Colonial Stock Transfer Launches Shareholder Login on its Website

Salt Lake City, Utah, April 24, 2017: Colonial Stock Transfer is pleased to announce the company has launched a new shareholder login feature on its website. The stock transfer agent offers superior customer service along with technology and cost savings to its public and private company clients.

Through the launch of the shareholder login, Colonial has enabled shareholders to view and manage their holdings, update their contact information, view account holdings and transactions, update contribution percentage holdings and view employee plan information.? Additionally, shareholders who own stock in more than one company, can view all of their holdings within one user account.

Other shareholder services include restriction removals, online proxy voting, transferring of shareholder ownership, replacement of lost stock certificates and dispersing dividends and other payments.

To receive a demonstration of the shareholder login, call 801-355-5740.? For more information about the company and their services, visit their website: Colonial Stock Transfer.

About Colonial Stock Transfer

Colonial Stock Transfer is a Salt Lake City, Utah based stock transfer agent. The company provides transfer agency services to public companies listed on the NYSE, OTC and NASDAQ stock markets, as well as privately-held companies. Additional services include option tracking, Reg D and Blue Sky services.? Since 1987, the transfer agent has provided shareholders and issuers with exceptional customer service, knowledge, and technology.

As an SEC filing agent, Colonial provides EDGAR and XBRL filing, financial printing and newswire services through its subsidiary, Colonial Filings.? For more a full listing of their services, please visit their website: Colonial Filings.

Company: Colonial Stock Transfer
Address: 66 Exchange Place, 1st Floor
City: Salt Lake City
State: UT
Zip code: 84111
Telephone number: 801-355-5740
Fax number: 801-355-6505