Colonial Stock Transfer Congratulates Longfin Corporation for their NASDAQ Listing

Salt Lake City, Utah, December 26, 2017: Colonial Stock Transfer is pleased to announce their client, Longfin Corporation, has become the first FinTech Reg A+ IPO to be listed on the NASDAQ. As an American-based, global FinTech company, they provide artificial intelligence and machine learning systems for clients around the world.

Colonial Stock Transfer wishes to congratulate Longfin Corporation for this successful Reg A+ offering, IPO and listing with the NASDAQ. The company works, alongside its subsidiary, Stampede Tradex Pte. Ltd., to deliver finance solutions and foreign exchange services to SMEs and importers/exporters around the world. They have operations in London, New York, Miami, Dubai, India and Singapore. Colonial Stock Transfer is a leading stock transfer agent in North America, providing share registry and transfer agent services to companies looking to raise money through IPOs, crowdfunding or other private offerings. They also provide a host of public and private regulatory compliance services including EDGAR and XBRL filings. They have worked hard to get a number of companies listed on public trading platforms, such as the NASDAQ and NYSE.

About Colonial Stock Transfer:

Colonial Stock Transfer is a leading stock transfer agent in North America that provides transfer agent, SEC filings, IPO, crowdfunding (Reg A+, 506(c), Title III), and issuer compliance services to public companies listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and OTC exchanges and offers a full suite of services for privately-held entities.

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