Colonial Stock Transfer Provides Blue Sky Filing Services for Reg A+ Offerings

Salt Lake City, UT September 24, 2019:

Colonial Stock Transfer, a company offering transfer agent and issuer compliance services to public companies, as well as a full suite of services to privately held companies, is providing Blue Sky filing services for Reg A+ offerings. Blue Sky Laws were created to reduce the number of fraudulent sales practices and are in place to protect both investor and user.

Colonial Stock Transfer helps companies, attorneys, funds and other entities by providing full-service Blue Sky filings to meet each state?s security compliance regulations. All states currently require annual regulatory compliance. Colonial Stock Transfer files investor sales data and reports to states on behalf of companies conducting securities offerings.

Individuals who would like to learn more about Blue Sky filing services for Reg A+ offerings are encouraged to visit the Colonial Stock Transfer website or call 801-355-5740.

About Colonial Stock: Colonial Stock Transfer Company provides transfer agent and cap table management services to both private and public companies. The company was established in 1987 and is located inside the stock exchange district of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Company: Colonial Stock Transfer Company Address: 66 Exchange Place, 1st Floor
City: Salt Lake City
State: Utah
Zip Code: 84111
Phone: 801-355-5740
Fax number: 801-355-6505