Colonial Stock Transfer Marks Its 7th year of Press Release Distribution Services with Globenewswire

Salt Lake City, UT (Globenewswire) September 30, 2019:

Colonial Stock Transfer is proud to announce it has just marked the seventh year of its press release distribution services. The company offers financial press release services designed for publicly traded companies that must comply with SEC fair disclosure rules.

Colonial Stock Transfer is partnered with Globenewswire for its press release services, maintaining its legacy partnership pricing since 2012. Colonial recommends clients use the self-service option as it includes a $195 flat-rate financial press release already optimized for public company SEC distribution to financial hotspots. The self-service option is approximately 50% off the normal price that Globenewswire offers its other clients. Full service provides custom press releases and major international and national distribution at about 20% off the regular fees.

Companies interested in financial press release services are encouraged to visit the Colonial Stock Transfer?s press release services or call 801-355-5740.

About Colonial Stock: Colonial Stock Transfer provides cap table management and stock transfer services to public companies. Privately held companies also benefit from a full suite of services. Established in 1987, Colonial still maintains its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the historical stock exchange district.

Company: Colonial Stock Transfer Company Address: 66 Exchange Place, 1st Floor
City: Salt Lake City
State: Utah
Zip Code: 84111
Phone: 801-355-5740
Fax number: 801-355-6505