Colonial Stock Transfer Provides Reg A+ Crowdfunding Services to Client

Colonial Stock Transfer is pleased to announce Social Investment Holdings has chosen Colonial to act as its stock transfer agent and crowdfunding software services provider. Colonial Stock Transfer is a premier stock transfer agent that provides an array of personalized and quality services.

Social Investment Holdings will use Colonial as its transfer agent and its crowdfunding compliance software to raise needed money through its Tier 2 Regulation A+ offering (aka Reg A+) on Social Investment's website. Social is focused on utilizing sound business strategies for social change to create safe, economically-thriving communities that will view the world as a place of equal opportunity and endless possibilities. Social Investment depends on extensive access to information to serve its clients with the best technological advances to level the playing field for underrepresented communities. The company strives to offer economic and social access to low-income minority groups that have often been left behind.

About Colonial Stock Transfer: Colonial Stock Transfer is a leading stock transfer agent in North America that provides transfer agent, SEC EDGAR and XBRL filings, IPO, crowdfunding (Reg A+, 506(c), Title III), and issuer compliance services to public companies listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and OTC exchanges and offers a full suite of services for privately-held entities.

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