Colonial Stock Transfer Now Offers Blue Sky Compliance Services

Salt Lake City, UT, March 5th, 2013

Colonial Stock Transfer, a leading stock transfer agent, has added Blue Sky compliance services to its service offering in an effort to help issuers comply with registering securities in various states per the commonly known Blue Sky laws.

The Blue Sky laws were developed in the early 1900s to help protect investors in the United States from fraudulent investments. The laws require companies to register their securities before they can be sold in a particular state. Compliance with these laws is important to the success of every company, and will enhance trading volume and marketability. Many national broker dealer firms will not trade securities that are not Blue Sky’d.

Colonial Stock Transfer is able to prepare and file documents for issuers in order to stay compliant with these laws. These include regulation D filings, IPO’s and Reg A, exemption research and state filing services, and annual Blue Sky filings and updates.


Colonial Stock Transfer is a leading stock transfer agent providing first class service combined with cost saving efficiencies. With over 25 years of being in business, Colonial Stock Transfer offers a synergetic combination of technology and personalized, energetic, professional and experienced customer service. In addition to transfer agent services, Colonial Stock Transfer offers Annual Shareholder Meeting and Proxy Services, EDGAR and XBRL Filings, Press Release Distribution, Employee Stock Option Plan Administration (ESOP), and Dividend and Escrow Paying Agent Services. Colonial serves public companies listed on NASDAQ, NYSE AMEX, OTC Bulletin Board, and Pink Sheets and offers a full suite of services for privately-held companies. Colonial Stock Transfer has been registered and in good standing with the Securities and Exchange Commission since 1987. The firm is a DTC FAST and DRS agent participant and are active members of the Securities Transfer Association (STA).

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