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Our robust transfer agent & cap table management online platform
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full customer service & over 37 years of expertise

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Our experts are ready to guide you through the
IPO process including closing, exchange listing,
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Tailored Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding portals and their clients can seamlessly integrate into our transfer agent and investor recordkeeping services

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Shareholder Meetings

Using our online proxy voting platform, we can manage your proxy voting campaign
from start to finish including virtual meeting hosting and integration with brokers

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Our services

Our services are tailored for all of your transfer agent and cap table reporting needs.  In addition to issuing shares and providing investor support, our services team is here to help you with all of your needs.

Why Colonial Stock Transfer?

An SEC registered transfer agent and cap table management provider is a key component for not only having happy shareholders, but also ensuring your stock and its most important transactions are handled correctly. Colonial provides issuers with the most professional and innovative services in the industry by going beyond standard transfer agency agendas and incorporating a more personal touch with competent, efficient employees and unmatched customer service.

Personalized Service

We provide personalized and responsive service on every transaction and inquiry, coupled with your online cap table and investor management tools, delivering peace of mind to you and your investors.

Innovative Technology

Our proprietary online cap table management and transfer agency platform includes the latest online features for you and your investors such as share issue, stock options, ESPP, dividend, and proxy.


Registered in good standing with the SEC since our opening in 1987, our team has the expertise to successfully provide the guidance you need from your daily transactions to your IPO or M&A activities.

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