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Filing Form ID


Before submitting EDGAR formatted documents, the filer must register with the SEC through a Form ID application. To register you must submit an electronic version of the Form ID with the properly notarized documents outlined below. The authenticating document must include the information required to be included in the Form ID filing, be manually signed by the applicant over the applicant's typed signature, and confirm the authenticity of the Form ID filing. Applicants may fulfill the authenticating document requirement by making a copy of the applicant's electronic Form ID filing, adding the necessary confirming language, signing it, and having the signature notarized. After being approved by the SEC Form ID registration, the filer will then be able to create the necessary filing codes.


The SEC launched the SEC Filer Management website on April 26, 2004, to allow filers to electronically create and submit Form IDs. Before the launch of the SEC Filer Management website, Form IDs submitted manually via fax or other means. The SEC Filer Management website replaced paper filing at this time, and now will only accept electronic Form IDs.


Using And Preparing Form ID


The Form ID is used by all EDGAR filer applicants, or their agents, to request the following access codes to permit filing on EDGAR:

  • Central Index Key (CIK) - The CIK code uniquely identifies each filer, filing agent, and training agent. You are assigned a CIK code at the time you make an initial applicatian with the SEC. This code is public and cannot be changed.
  • CIK Confirmation Code (CCC) - The CCC will be used in the header of your filings in conjunction with your CIK to ensure that you authorized the filing. This code can be changed by the filer.
  • Password (PW) - The password allows you or your filing agent to log onto the EDGAR filing system, submit filings, and change your CCC.
  • Password Modification Authorization Code (PMAC) - The PMAC code allows you to change your password.

If you already have codes, you may want to have them re-generated as passwords expire every year. This may also be done through visiting the EDGAR Filer Management website.


Colonial can assist you with your Form ID filing now - $50

To file, complete the Form ID Template and have it notarized, or send us your company's full name, contact information, fiscal year date, TIN, and a notary acknowledgement. The signer of the Form ID must be an officer. Please be sure that the Notary acknowledgement is for the signer of the Form ID. If you need a blank notary acknowledgement form, please contact us directly.

If you have any questions on this process or want to get started, please email




How can I obtain new filing codes if I cannot find them?


Once you register with the SEC as an EDGAR filer your codes will always exist. If at any time you cannot locate your filing codes, you will need to use the SEC Filer Management website to generate new ones. If you use Super Edgar as your filing agent, your codes will be kept on our secure database. We also annually update your codes for you as required by the SEC.


Can I change my current filing codes?


Yes, this can be done by using your passphrase in conjunction with the SEC Filer Management website.


What if I want to reset my current filing codes but I don't know my passphrase?


The SEC added the passphrase to the EDGAR system on April 26, 2004. Companies that registered on or after this date have a passphrase. If you registered before this date, you will have no passphrase.

To resolve either possibility please follow the steps below.

If you have registered with the SEC prior to April 26, 2004, never created a passphrase, and know your CIK and password:

  • Open the EDGAR filing website and login
  • When prompted after logging in, create a passphrase

If you created a passphrase and forgotten it, forgotten or misplaced your EDGAR password, or are told your password has expired:

  • Open the SEC Filing Management website
  • Click "Press Here to Begin" button
  • In the resulting menu click "Update Passphrase" option
  • Type in your CIK, your new passphrase, and the reason for requesting a new one.

Print out the resulting acceptance screen and clearly write the following information on the print out:

  • Contact Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Position with the company
  • Typed Signature
  • Actual Signature

Notarize and fax the document to the SEC at 202-504-2474.






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